A pineapple

The Jucee Story.

We are two young, active individuals working to make a difference in our community through healthy, tasty, and fast breakfast and lunch options. We are committed to sourcing the freshest ingredients to bring quality, great tasting products into your hands fast!

We always check our local sources first because we understand the importance of supporting local businesses, and doing our part to minimize our footprint. In addition to minimizing travel, we use environmentally-friendly cups and bowls.

After spending the past three years owning and operating other local businesses, we have decided to change trajectory and focus on something close to our hearts; health and fitness. We are sports enthusiasts who enjoy exercising, being outdoors, and experiencing what our wonderful home has to offer. We wanted to bring a health bar to Nanaimo because we understand how difficult it is to fit a workout into a busy schedule, and even harder to provide our body’s with the fuel they deserve.

While in Hawaii we visited local Açai Bowl and Smoothie shops, we couldn’t deny the perfect fit for Nanaimo. Nanaimo has a massive health-focus community, but few options for fast and healthy food. Come see how we put a West-Coast twist on Hawaii’s tropical taste.

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